Temporary residence permit for students

Where do I apply?

You can submit your application to the Citizen and Foreigner Department (Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców)
Pl. Wolności 17, the ground floor queue F
Monday 9:30-18:00
Tuesday-Friday 8:15-15:15
Infolinia: 61 850 87 77

You can make an appointment with our office on https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/rejestracja/ or check the waiting time on https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/rejestracja/ .

When should I apply?

You should submit an application if you are planning to stay in Poland for longer than three months and if you came to Poland to study.

In order to apply for a temporary residence because of study purpose, you have to appear in our office in person, on or before the last day of your legal stay in Poland.


If you submit your application within the specified deadline and if it contains all the officially required information, or if you supplement it with the missing information within the assigned deadline, your stay will be legal starting from the date when the application is submitted until the date when the decision concerning the application becomes final.

If you file for the discontinuation of the proceedings concerning the granting of a temporary residence permit, your stay in Poland in this period will not be considered legal.

Important: A stamp in your travel document does not give you the right to travel within other Schengen countries, but you have the right to leave for your home country.

What types of documents do I need to enclose?

  1. The application completed according to instructions – one copy – see. Applications are also available from the Citizen and Foreigner Department at Pl. Wolności 17,
  2. Four colour photographs that:
    • are undamaged, with good sharpness;
    • are of the dimensions 35 mm x 45 mm;
    • were taken not earlier than 6 months preceding the day on which you submit your application;
    • show your face, with your silhouette visible from the top of your head to the upper part of your shoulders, with your face occupying 70-80% of the photograph, against a bright background;
    • show you looking directly ahead into the camera with your eyes open, not covered with hair, with a natural facial expression and closed mouth; the photographs should reflect the natural colour of your skin;
    • clearly show your eyes, especially pupils, and the line of your eyes should be parallel to the upper edge of the photograph.
      Important: If you wear a head cover because of your religion, you are allowed to attach a picture showing you with your head cover on, provided that your face is fully visible. In this case you should enclose a declaration stating that you are a member of a religious community.
  3. A photocopy of a valid travel document (you will also need to show the original document), and, in justified exceptional situations, when you do not have a valid travel document and there is no possibility to obtain it, you can present another identity document.
  4. Confirmation that you have paid the required stamp duty.

Important: To issue the permit we will also require you to submit documents confirming the circumstances indicated in the application (click here to find out: “Will other documents be required apart from those you have already enclosed with your application”?).

How do I complete the application form?

Before you complete the application form, please read the instructions on pages 9 and 10 of the application form. The application forms (interactive and to download) are available here: https://cudzoziemcy.gov.pl/en/.

While completing the application form, remember to:

  • complete the application form legibly, in the Polish language;
  • complete all the obligatory boxes, providing accurate and true information;
  • complete the application-form boxes in block capitals;
  • if in the past you provided us with other personal details, please write this in your justification;
  • give the actual address of the place where you are staying and wish to receive all correspondence;
  • in the “Criminal records” section – inform us about any judgements that have been rendered against you (if you have doubts as to the rendered judgements indicate that the proceedings are pending (IMPORTANT: Having paid a fine does not mean that no criminal proceedings have been instigated or that no judgement has been rendered against you);
  • inform us about all proceedings that are pending against you (e.g. involving your refusal to accept a fine) in the “Criminal or misdemeanours proceedings pending” section;
  • enclose a confirmation that you have paid the required stamp duty;
  • enclose photographs in the required format;
  • personally apply your signature (in the Latin alphabet) to the application;

Will other documents be required apart from those enclosed with the application?

For your application to be granted you will also need the following documents:

  • current proof of valid HEALTH INSURANCE (that covers medical expences in Poland)  
  • current documents confirming FINANCIAL RESOURCES (aprox. 701zł/month or 528zł/month per each person if you stay in Poland with your family, plus amount for the flight ticket: 200zł for countries neighbouring Poland, 500zł for other European countries, 2500zł for the countries outside Europe)
  • current PROOF LETTER FROM UNIVERSITY(in polish, which year, expected graduation, proof of payment of tuition fees or scholarship, signed by an authorized person); note that the standard of the proof letter is specified by the law http://prawo.sejm.gov.pl/isap.nsf/download.xsp/WDU20180001835/O/D2018183...

Important: If you enclose with your application all the documents listed above, this might mean less correspondence to exchange with our office and a shorter time needed for handling your case. If in the course of proceedings we need any explanations or more-precise information from you regarding the evidence that we have collected in your case, you may be required to submit other documents or to give testimony to confirm the circumstances mentioned in the application.

What are the fees?

Stamp duty for a temporary residence permit amounts to

PLN 340.00

and should be paid to:
Urząd Miasta Poznania
Wydział Finansowy
Oddział Pozostałych Dochodów Podatkowych i Niepodatkowych
ul. Libelta 16/20
61-706 Poznań
Bank: PKO BP S.A.
Bank account number: 94 1020 4027 0000 1602 1262 0763

Make sure that you enclose a payment receipt with your application.

For issuing a residence card or replacing it we charge a fee of

PLN 25.00

which should be paid to:
Wielkopolski Urząd Wojewódzki
Poznań, al. Niepodległości 16/18
Bank account number: 70 1010 1469 0000 3922 3100 0000

Stamp duty for power of attorney amounts to

PLN 17.00

and should be paid to:

For the power of attorney submitted in Poznań
Urząd Miasta Poznania
Wydział Finansowy
Oddział Pozostałych Dochodów Podatkowych i Niepodatkowych
ul. Libelta 16/20
61-706 Poznań
Bank: PKO BP S.A.
Bank account number: 94 1020 4027 0000 1602 1262 0763

For power of attorney submitted in Kalisz
Urząd Miejski w Kaliszu
07 1020 2212 0000 5802 0387 5440

For power of attorney submitted in Konin
Urząd Miejski w Koninie
67 1560 0013 2015 2804 6127 0034

For power of attorney submitted in Leszno
Urząd Miasta Leszna
26 1020 3088 0000 8302 0005 7513

For power of attorney submitted in Piła
Urząd Miasta Piły
09 1020 4027 0000 1202 1119 3291

When and where do I collect my residence card?

Your residence card will be issued after you are granted a temporary residence and after you submit a receipt for the payment of PLN 25.00 to the account of:

Wielkopolski Urząd Wojewódzki
Poznań, al. Niepodległości 16/18
Bank account number: 70 1010 1469 0000 3922 3100 0000

Remember that if you want to collect your residence card you must appear in person at Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców (The Citizen and Foreigner Department), Pl. Wolności 17, the ground floor – entrance A .

Information about collecting the card you can check here https://www.poznan.uw.gov.pl/cudzoziemcy-stan/

What you need to know?

When submitting your application for a temporary residence you will have your fingerprints taken.

You have to submit the originals of your documents (or their copies, then be prepared to present the originals for inspection).

If you submit documents in a language other than Polish, you are also required to submit translations of such documents into Polish drawn up and duly certified by a sworn translator.

All correspondence will be served to the address indicated in the application or, if you appoint your representative, it will be delivered to their address.

If you leave Poland and do not appoint a representative who lives in Poland to be in charge of your case, you are obliged to nominate an agent for service (in Poland). If you fail to appoint such an agent, all correspondence intended for you will be put on the file of the case and deemed to have been served.

Temporary residence permits are granted for:

  • for the first year student, the residence permit is issued for 15 months if duration of studies in Poland takes longer than one year (12 months)
  • if you are a student of a subsequent year, the permit shall be granted until the graduation date and an additional period of three months, however the maximum permit validity period is 3 years
  • if your studies in Poland are shorter than one calendar year, the permit is issued for the duration  of the study and an additional period of three months

Decisions to grant, deny or withdraw temporary residence permits are made by the governor of the voivodship in which you have your place of residence.

Once you have obtained a temporary residence permit, you are obliged to notify the voivodship governor who granted the permit, if the circumstances which justified the granting of the permit cease to exist.

If you have any questions

  • send an e-mail to cudzoziemcy@poznan.uw.gov.pl, sc@poznan.uw.gov.pl,
  • visit our information desk at the Citizen and Foreigner Department (Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców), Pl. Wolności 17, the ground floor, or
  • call us: Infolinia: 61 850 87 77.

 Temporary residence permit for students

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